Puma List

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List of all Puma's chassis built.

Chassis No
      Owner Builder Details
N001T Alastair Dow John Karnon Reg in SA 1998. Yellow.  Featured in

Hot 4's Magazine 99 Annual

N002T Neville Darwin Neville Darwin Reg in SA.  Red, black int

N003T Tony Locke John Karnon Reg in Vic. Yellow.

N004T Greg Newbold Greg Newbold Under construction in SA

N005T Tony Palmer
Andrew Bailey Blue, Now Orange, black int.  Now Reg

N006T Steve Goss Steve Goss Reg in SA.  Red, black int.

N007T Steven Easterbrook S Easterbrook Reg in SA. Silver, black int

N008T Jordan Bridge Jordan Bridge Reg in SA 2012. Black/Green stripe

N009T David Christian Jayne White Reg in SA 2004. Blue, red int

N010T Craig White Craig White Reg in SA 2004. Green, Tan int.

N011T Gerry Lampe John Karnon Reg in SA 2004. Maroon, grey int. Winner

Nationals 2007 @ Bright.

N012T Brian Plush Peter Muller Reg in SA 2007. Purple, black int.

N014T Scott Browning John Karnon Reg in SA. Yellow, black int

N015T Kym Nagel Kym Nagel Under construction in SA

N016T Sam Chisari Sam Chisari Under construction in WA

N017T Fraser Gurling John Karnon Reg in SA 2008. Black, silver . 1st car

with Commodore diff/brakes, new body

N018T Rob Jacobs Rob Jacobs Reg in SA. Featured Custom Kit Car

N019T Kristen Bailey Kristen Bailey Under construction in SA

N020T Alex Moncrieff Alex Moncrieff Under construction in SA

N021T Nathan Hyder Nathan Hyder Under construction in WA

N022T James McGregor J McGregor Under construction in WA

N023T Will Tuple John Karnon Reg in SA 2011. Green, blue int. winner peoples choice nationals 2013 Caloundra

Peoples choice Nationals 2011

N024T Chris Redin Chris Redin completed 2015.  Red

N025T Neville Honeychurch A O'Donnell Reg in WA, Black, black int.

N026T John Parre John Parre Reg in WA

N027T Rob Wageningen Rob Wageningen Reg in SA / Orange / Black interior

N028T Shane Henderson Shane Henderson Under construction in Phillipines

N029NA Brendan Smith Brendan Smith Reg in SA. Gold, black int.

D030NA Lynn Cooper Lynn Cooper Under construction in NSW.  Duratech  mtr

D031NA Jim Booth NSW Tony  Andersen Reg in ACT 2012. Duratech mtr

N032T Jayne White Jayne White Reg in SA 2011. Orange, black int.

N033T Michael Lane Michael Lane Under construction in SA

N034T Ty Borlace Ty Borlace Under construction in SA

N035T Vince Kennedy Vince Kennedy Reg in SA 2014. Red / Yellow, Red int.

N036T Andrew Tucker Andrew Tucker Reg in SA.  Green, black int

N037T Andrew Edwards A Edwards Under construction in SA

N038T Tasso Tasso Under construction in SA

N039T Rolly May John Karnon Reg in SA, Blue, blue int Auto (Turbo)

N040T Ian & Nick Hunt Ashley Gilles Reg in SA 2012. Blue, black int

N041T John Daw John Karnon Reg in SA 2012. Blue, black int.

N042T Conrad Davies John Karnon completed 2014

N043T Tony Coles Tony Coles Under construction  in SA

N044T Troy Dangerfield Troy Dangerfield Under construction in SA

N045T Ian Dailey Ian Dailey Under construction in SA

N046T Pat Holland John Karnon Reg in SA 2012. Yellow/orange

N047T Dave Eakins Dave Eakins Green with grey leather interior Reg in NT - June 2012

N048STT Piers Hunt Piers Hunt Under construction in SA

N049STT Mike Nelson Mike Nelson Completed Reg - SA

N050STT2 John Karnon John Karnon Completed 2015

N051STT2 Marek Dubovinsky John Karnon Completed Reg - SA

N052STT2 Brenton Thorndike Brenton Thorndike Under construction in SA

N053STT2 Lee Myers Lee Myers Reg in SA 2015.

N054STT2 Peter Fritz Peter Fritz Under construction SA

N055STT2 Mike Bettenay Mike Bettenay Under construction in QLD

N056STT2 Nick Marshall Nick Marshall Under construction in SA

N057STT2 Clayton Smith Clayton Smith Under construction SA

BP058STT2 Dickson College Dickson College Under construction in ACT

N059STT3 Duncan Laing Duncan Laing Under construction SA

N060T3i Tony Andersen Tony Andersen development car, NSW

N061TT3 John Karnon John Karnon Under construction SA

N062TT3 Aidan Faithfull Aidan Faithfull Under construction NSW

N063TT3 John Hardy John Hardy Under construction SA

N064TT3 For Sale SA

N065T3i David Christian David Christian Under Construction SA

N066T3i Peter Douglas Peter Douglas Under Construction ACT

Decoding Chassis Numbers

N001T Nissan Engine, Chassis number 1, Turbo’d

D030NA Duratec engine, Naturally Aspirated

N048STT Skinny Tunnel, Turbo’d (skinny tunnel introduced to allow fitment of wider seats (480mm) and made both passenger and drivers side more symetrical)

N050STT2 Series2 (Series2 introduced Ali uprights and revised steering column)

N060STT3 Series3, new floor mount pedal box, CNC’d brackets, revised column support, additional bracing in tunnel, foot wells and engine bay as well as revised front suspension box bracing.

N060T3i IRS chassis based on Puma Series3 chassis, has floor mount pedal box as well as chassis mounted footrest. Tunnel width provides for 465mm wide seating areas.