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(1 July2016)

All Puma Chassis kits are suited to the following engines.
Nissan SR20DET (default)
Nissan SR20DE
Ford/Mazda Duratec
Mazda BP
The above engines have been used in a Puma Chassis and engine mounts to suit all but the BP series engine are available from Puma Sportscars
Recent supplier increases have resulted in a necessary kit price increase.


Puma LA1
Traditional Puma Live Axle Chassis/Body Kit with brackets, engine mounts, gearbox mounting plate, diff brackets for 5 link, roll bar mounting plates and headlight mounts. Base kit also includes all necessary HT bolts for suspension mounting. Body kit comprising of hand laid GRP Nosecone, Bonnet, Scuttle and front and rear cycle guards.


Puma LA2
Puma Live Axle kit as above, including the following additional components: Front Wishbone set, Puma front uprights with caliper brackets, complete ball joint kit, steering rack, rack extensions and clamps steering column and shaft. Rear 5 link arms, bushes and rose joints. Floor mounted pedal box and chassis mounted footrest.


Puma IRS
Puma IRS Chassis derived from the Puma LA2 kit, base chassis including front suspension and steering components from the LA2 chassis. In addition the following items are also included, IRS wishbones, uprights, bushes and rose joints, front and rear hubs. Rear suspension box to suit R160 or R180 long nose differential.

note: LA1 and LA2 chassis kits use 5x120 PCD and the IRS is supplied with hubs matched to the customer supplied R160/180 differential.  



Puma Merchandise

Cotton T Shirt with embodied Puma logo. $25.00ea
Choose the colour of the T Shirt and the colour of the logo which will be embroidered on the chest (LHS)
Select your size and email or phone Tony at Puma Sportscars with the details to order.